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Dominate Dying Light with A Mod Menu

A Dying Light mod menu is a collection of modifications or hack tools created by modders or developers that can be used to enhance the game’s features. It is essentially a cheat tool that allows players to do things that are not typically possible within the game’s parameters. Depending on the mod menu, the features it can offer vary widely. Some of the most common features provided by a Dying Light mod menu are unlimited ammo, God mode, unlimited resources, instant respawning, and the ability to modify character stats such as health and strength.

mod menu Mod Menu


  1. Download the mod menu here.
  2. Install the Mod Menu, it should automatically start after installation.
  3. Start the mod menu and change settings to your liking.
  4. Start Dying Light and enjoy!


Version 1.0

Initial release of Dying Light mod menu with the following features:

  • Infinite health
  • Infinite stamina
  • Infinite ammo
  • No zombie attacks
  • One-hit kills

Version 1.1

Added the following features to the mod menu:

  • Infinite resources
  • Instant level up
  • Unlock all skills
  • Teleport to location
  • Freeze time of day

Version 1.2

Improved stability of mod menu and added the following features:

  • Invisible to zombies
  • Super speed
  • Increased jump height
  • Spawn any weapon or item
  • God mode for vehicles

Version 1.3

Bug fixes and the addition of the following features to the mod menu:

  • Instant grappling hook cooldown
  • Unlimited grappling hooks
  • Noclip mode
  • Fly mode
  • Infinite survivor sense


What is a Dying Light mod menu?

A Dying Light mod menu is an application that allows players to modify the gameplay settings of the Dying Light video game. It offers various customization options to change the game’s mechanics, including visual effects, character abilities, gameplay mechanics, and others.

How do I install a Dying Light mod menu?

The installation process may vary depending on the mod menu you want to use. However, most require you to download and install a third-party application that acts as a mod manager, such as Mod Manager Dying Light or Dying Light Manager, to install and manage various mods for you.

Is using a Dying Light mod menu legal?

No, using a mod menu in Dying Light is not legal, as it violates the game’s terms and conditions. Furthermore, some mods may be considered cheating, such as those that allow players to gain infinite resources, invincibility, and others, which can ruin the game’s experience for other players.

Can using a Dying Light mod menu cause problems with my PC or console?

Yes, using a mod menu can cause various problems with your PC or console, such as freezing, crashing, performance issues, and others. Additionally, some mods may contain viruses, malware or other malicious codes that could harm your system or steal personal information.

Where can I find Dying Light mod menus?

Various websites and online communities offer different mod menus for Dying Light. However, it is essential to make sure that the mod menu is safe to use and does not contain any harmful codes. Therefore, it is recommended to download mods only from reputable and trustworthy sources.

Can using a Dying Light mod menu get me banned?

Yes, using a mod menu can get you banned from playing Dying Light online or from using the game’s official servers. The developers of the game do not tolerate cheating or hacking and are continually monitoring their servers and player activity. Therefore, it is essential to use mods responsibly and not to use ones that provide unfair advantages over other players.

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