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Dominate Idle Egg Factory with A Mod Menu

The Idle Egg Factory mod menu is a cheat tool that can be used to unlock a plethora of features in the mobile game, Idle Egg Factory. The mod menu provides players with unlimited money, resources, and gems, allowing them to progress through the game much faster. The tool also has an auto-play feature that will keep the game running even when the player is not actively playing. Additionally, the mod menu provides various customization options that allow players to change their avatars, backgrounds, and other in-game elements. Overall, the Idle Egg Factory mod menu is a powerful tool that can enhance a player’s experience and expedite their progress in the game.

mod menu Mod Menu


  1. Download the mod menu here.
  2. Install the Mod Menu, it should automatically start after installation.
  3. Start the mod menu and change settings to your liking.
  4. Start Idle Egg Factory and enjoy!


Version 1.0

Initial release of the mod menu for Idle Egg Factory.

  • Added option to increase egg production rate
  • Added option to unlock all egg types
  • Added option to auto-collect eggs

Version 1.1

Minor bug fixes and UI improvements.

  • Fixed issue with auto-collection not functioning properly
  • Improved user interface for easier navigation
  • Added tooltips to explain each feature

Version 1.2

Added new features to further enhance egg production.

  • Added option to upgrade egg-laying hens
  • Added option to increase hatch rate for new chicks
  • Added option to automate chicken feed supply

Version 1.3

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • Fixed issue with auto-updates causing crashes
  • Improved overall stability and efficiency of mod menu
  • Addressed minor user interface issues

Version 1.4

Added new options to increase profits and overall production.

  • Added option to automate egg packaging
  • Added option to hire more workers for egg collection
  • Added option to increase egg prices for greater profits

Version 1.5

Final update for Idle Egg Factory mod menu.

  • Improved compatibility with latest game version
  • Fixed remaining bugs and glitches
  • Overall performance enhancements and faster load times


What is the Idle Egg Factory mod menu?

The Idle Egg Factory mod menu is a collection of mods or modifications created by third-party developers that provide players with new features and gameplay mechanics in the popular mobile game, Egg, Inc.

What are the features of the Idle Egg Factory mod menu?

The Idle Egg Factory mod menu includes numerous features and gameplay enhancements, such as unlimited money, unlimited golden eggs, faster hatchery rates, new egg types, automated hatchery systems, and much more.

Is the Idle Egg Factory mod menu safe to use?

The use of third-party mod menus is not officially supported by Egg, Inc. developers, and may potentially harm your device and game account. Therefore, using mod menus is usually at your own risk.

Do I need to root or jailbreak my device to use the Idle Egg Factory mod menu?

While the process may vary depending on the mod menu you choose, most mod menus require root or jailbreak access to function properly. This is because they need to modify system files and settings to provide the new features.

Where can I download the Idle Egg Factory mod menu?

There are several places to download the Idle Egg Factory mod menu, including online mod repositories, dedicated Egg, Inc. modding websites, and various mobile gaming forums. It’s essential to download mods from reliable sources to ensure they are safe and functional.

Can I get banned for using the Idle Egg Factory mod menu?

Modifying your game account, in any way, is against the Egg, Inc. terms of service, and may result in a ban or other penalties. It’s essential to use mod menus responsibly and only in single-player games for personal enjoyment.

How do I install the Idle Egg Factory mod menu?

The installation process varies depending on the mod menu you choose. However, most mod menus come with detailed installation instructions and tools to install them quickly and easily. It’s essential to follow the installation steps carefully to avoid damaging your device or game account.

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