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Dominate Nebulous with A Mod Menu

A Nebulous mod menu is a collection of hacks and cheats for the popular online game, Agario. It is made up of various customizable features that allow players to manipulate their gameplay experience. Some of the most notable features of the Nebulous mod menu include zooming in and out, changing skins, increasing speed, and using bots. These hacks can give players a significant advantage over their opponents and are often used in competitive play. However, it is important to note that using a Nebulous mod menu is against the game’s terms and conditions and can result in a ban or other penalties.

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  1. Download the mod menu here.
  2. Install the Mod Menu, it should automatically start after installation.
  3. Start the mod menu and change settings to your liking.
  4. Start Nebulous and enjoy!


Version 1.0

The initial release of the Nebulous mod menu includes the following features:

  • Player Name Changer – Change your in-game name to anything you want.
  • Aimbot – Automatically aim at enemies.
  • ESP – See players through walls.
  • Speed Hack – Move faster.
  • God Mode – Become invincible.

Version 1.1

This update includes minor bug fixes and the following new features:

  • No Recoil – Your gun no longer kicks up after firing.
  • Auto Shoot – Automatically shoot when aimbot is enabled.
  • Increased Range – Increase the range of your weapons.

Version 1.2

This update includes minor bug fixes and the following new features:

  • Wall Hack – See enemies through walls.
  • Weapon Mod – Modify your weapon with different skins.
  • Invisibility – Become invisible to enemies.

Version 1.3

This update includes major bug fixes and the following new features:

  • Custom Crosshair – Change your crosshair to any image you want.
  • Vehicle Mods – Modify your vehicle with different skins and increased speed.
  • Improved GUI – User interface improvements for easier navigation.

Version 1.4

This update includes major bug fixes and the following new features:

  • Anti Ban – Avoid getting banned by anti-cheat systems.
  • Auto Collect – Automatically collect coins and power-ups.
  • Teleport – Instantly teleport to any location on the map.


What is the Nebulous mod menu?

The Nebulous mod menu is a hacking tool for the popular online game Among Us. It allows players to cheat by giving them access to various hacks and modifications that provide unfair advantages over other players, such as the ability to see through walls or sabotage the game without being detected.

How does the Nebulous mod menu work?

The Nebulous mod menu works by injecting code into the Among Us game while it’s running. This code manipulates the game’s files and memory in order to activate the various hacks and cheats included in the menu. Once activated, these cheats can be used to give players an unfair advantage over others.

Is the Nebulous mod menu safe to use?

No, the Nebulous mod menu is not safe to use. It violates the terms of service for Among Us, and its use can result in a ban from the game or even legal repercussions. Moreover, downloading and using mods can sometimes lead to malware infections, which can harm your computer and compromise your personal information.

Is the Nebulous mod menu free?

Yes, you can download the Nebulous mod menu for free from various websites and forums. However, be aware that downloading mods from unverified sources can be risky and can lead to serious consequences.

Can I get banned for using the Nebulous mod menu?

Yes, if you’re caught using the Nebulous mod menu, you can be banned from Among Us. The game’s developers have strict policies against cheating and hacking, and they are constantly monitoring the game for suspicious activity. Moreover, the use of unauthorized mods is strictly forbidden by the platform’s terms of service, and violators can face legal consequences.

Can I use the Nebulous mod menu on any platform?

The Nebulous mod menu is primarily designed for PC players of Among Us. However, similar mods exist for other platforms, such as mobile devices and gaming consoles. It’s important to note, though, that using mods on these platforms can be even riskier and can have more severe consequences than using them on PC.

How can I uninstall the Nebulous mod menu?

If you have downloaded and installed the Nebulous mod menu and want to remove it from your system, you can do so by deleting the files associated with the mod. You can also uninstall the game and reinstall it without the mod installed. However, be aware that if you’re caught using the mod, uninstalling it afterward won’t exempt you from potential consequences.

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