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Dominate Poppy Playtime with A Mod Menu

A Poppy Playtime mod menu is a software modification that adds additional features and options not found in the original game. This includes abilities such as invincibility, unlimited ammo, and the ability to teleport. Players who use Poppy Playtime mod menus can also access hidden areas and Easter eggs not found in the original game. These mod menus are typically created by third-party developers and require a specific version of the game to function properly. While they can offer new experiences and increase the replayability of the game, they can also be unstable and unsupported by the game’s developers.

mod menu Mod Menu


  1. Download the mod menu here.
  2. Install the Mod Menu, it should automatically start after installation.
  3. Start the mod menu and change settings to your liking.
  4. Start Poppy Playtime and enjoy!


Version 1.0:

Initial release of the Poppy Playtime mod menu.

  • Added God mode
  • Added Infinite sprint
  • Added Unlock all levels
  • Added Unlock all costumes

Version 1.1:

Minor update to fix a few bugs and add new features.

  • Fixed bug with God mode not working in certain situations
  • Added No clip mode
  • Added Infinite ammo
  • Added Instant cooldown for flashlight recharge

Version 1.2:

Major update to add new features and improve existing ones.

  • Added Super jump mode
  • Added Teleportation
  • Added Wallhack mode
  • Improved No clip mode to be more stable
  • Fixed bug with Infinite ammo not working properly

Version 1.3:

Final update to the Poppy Playtime mod menu.

  • Added Speed hack
  • Added Invisible mode
  • Added Kill all enemies
  • Improved Teleportation to work more smoothly
  • Fixed bug with Wallhack mode causing crashes


What is Poppy Playtime mod menu?

Poppy Playtime mod menu is a modified version of the original game, Poppy Playtime. It features additional features and capabilities that are not available in the original game. These modifications are usually created by third-party developers and can be accessed using tools such as mod menus.

What are the main features of Poppy Playtime mod menu?

The features of Poppy Playtime mod menu vary depending on the specific version and the developer. But common features include infinite ammo, unlimited health, speeding up the gameplay, and more. Mod menus can also allow users to unlock various in-game features like costumes and skins, which can enhance the overall gaming experience.

Is it safe to use Poppy Playtime mod menu?

Using any mod menu carries some level of risk, as modifying the game code can compromise its stability and security. Additionally, some mod menus may contain malware that can harm your computer or steal your personal data. It is essential to download and use mod menus only from trustworthy sources, and always scan them for viruses before installing.

How do I install Poppy Playtime mod menu?

The installation process varies depending on the source of the mod menu and your gaming platform. But, in general, you need to download the mod menu file from a reliable source, and then copy it into the Poppy Playtime game directory. Alternatively, you can use mod managers like Vortex to install and manage multiple mod menus at once.

Can I get banned for using Poppy Playtime mod menu?

Yes. Many games have strict rules against the use of mod menus, and if you are caught using one, your account can be banned or suspended. Therefore, it is essential to use mod menus responsibly and only in single-player or noncompetitive modes. Moreover, it’s recommended to turn off the mod menu before playing online or against other players.

Do I need technical skills to use Poppy Playtime mod menu?

It depends on the specific mod menu and its requirements. Some mod menus require extensive technical knowledge to install, configure and use, while others are simple and user-friendly. It’s recommended to read the mod menu instructions carefully and, if possible, watch tutorials and reviews to get familiar with the processes and potential challenges.

What are the best Poppy Playtime mod menus?

There are numerous mod menus available for Poppy Playtime, and the ideal one for you depends on your gaming needs and preferences. Some of the most popular mod menus include Haki Mod, Control Mod, and Trainer Mod, which provide a wide range of features and customization options. It’s suggested to research and compare different mod menus before making a final decision.

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