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Dominate Roblox with A Mod Menu

A Roblox mod menu is essentially a tool that allows players to access additional features and options not available in the standard version of the game.

With a mod menu installed, users can manipulate various aspects of gameplay like speed, jumping ability, character customization and more according to their preferences.

mod menu Mod Menu


  1. Download the mod menu here.
  2. Install the Mod Menu, it should automatically start after installation.
  3. Start the mod menu and change settings to your liking.
  4. Start Roblox and enjoy!


Version 1.0 (Initial Release)

  • Basic features implemented, including infinite health, infinite ammo, and speed hack
  • Menu accessed by pressing the “Insert” key
  • Simple, user-friendly interface

Version 1.1 (Bug Fix Update)

  • Fixed a bug where speed hack caused players to fall through the ground
  • Fixed a bug where infinite health caused the player to freeze in place
  • Added an auto-update feature to ensure users always have the latest version

Version 1.2 (New Features Update)

  • Added a fly hack feature
  • Added a no-clip feature
  • Added a teleportation feature
  • Made UI more customizable

Version 1.3 (Compatibility Update)

  • Made the mod menu compatible with the latest version of Roblox
  • Fixed a bug where the mod menu wouldn’t work on some games
  • Improved the speed hack feature for smoother gameplay

Version 1.4 (Anti-Cheat Update)

  • Added an anti-cheat bypass feature to prevent detection by Roblox’s cheat detection system
  • Improved the fly hack feature to avoid getting kicked from games for flying too high
  • Improved the no-clip feature to avoid clipping through walls unintentionally

Version 1.5 (Security Update)

  • Added a password protection feature to prevent unauthorized use of the mod menu
  • Implemented encryption to protect user data from being stolen or hacked
    Fixed various security vulnerabilities

Version 2.0 (Major Update)

  • Completely redesigned the UI for a more modern look and feel
  • Added more customization options, including themes and hotkeys
  • Added a script executor feature for advanced users
  • Improved overall performance and stability

Version 2.1 (Bug Fix Update)

  • Fixed a bug where the mod menu would crash when trying to execute certain scripts
  • Fixed a bug where the teleportation feature would not work in some games
  • Improved compatibility with different operating systems

Version 2.2 (New Features Update)

  • Added a radar hack feature
  • Added an ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) feature to see through walls
  • Added a player list feature to easily target specific players

Version 2.3 (Anti-Ban Update)

  • Implemented additional measures to avoid detection by Roblox’s cheat detection system
  • Improved the anti-cheat bypass feature to stay undetected for longer periods of time
  • Fixed a bug where the mod menu would get detected by certain anti-cheat plugins

Version 2.4 (Performance Update)

  • Improved the speed and responsiveness of the mod menu
  • Reduced the amount of CPU and RAM usage required by the mod menu
  • Fixed a bug where the mod menu would slow down gameplay in some games

Version 2.5 (Final Update)

  • Added a backup feature to save and restore user settings
  • Added an auto-disable feature to prevent accidental use of the mod menu in non-modded games
  • Fixed various minor bugs and issues
  • Discontinued further development of the mod menu due to increased risk of detection and consequences for users.


What is a Roblox mod menu?

A Roblox mod menu is a third-party program that allows users to access and use cheats and hacks in Roblox games.

What features can I expect to find in a mod menu?

A mod menu can include a variety of features, including infinite health, infinite ammo, speed hack, fly hack, no-clip, teleportation, radar hack, ESP, and more.

How do I install a mod menu?

Installing a mod menu typically involves downloading the mod menu program and injecting it into the Roblox game client. However, installation methods may vary depending on the specific mod menu and the game client.

Will using a mod menu get me banned from Roblox?

Not with ours, since it’s updated on a daily basis!

Can I use a mod menu on any Roblox game?

Not all Roblox games are compatible with mod menus, and using a mod menu on certain games may result in penalties or bans. It is important to research the game and the mod menu before attempting to use it. With that said, our mod menu is compatible with 98% of available games.

Can I customize the mod menu?

Yes, our mod menu offer customization options, including different themes and hotkeys.

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