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Dominate Scary Teacher 3D with A Mod Menu

A Scary Teacher 3D mod menu is a modified version of the popular mobile game, Scary Teacher 3D. It is available for players who want to cheat or unlock hidden features in the game. The mod menu typically includes features such as unlimited coins, infinite energy, and unlocking all levels. It also provides players with the ability to customize the gameplay experience by adjusting game speed and difficulty levels. Some mod menus may have additional features, such as removing ads or unlocking exclusive game content. However, using a mod menu may be prohibited by the game’s Terms of Service and could result in account suspension or deletion.

mod menu Mod Menu


  1. Download the mod menu here.
  2. Install the Mod Menu, it should automatically start after installation.
  3. Start the mod menu and change settings to your liking.
  4. Start Scary Teacher 3D and enjoy!


Version 1.0

Initial release of Scary Teacher 3D mod menu. Features included:

  • God mode
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlock all levels

Version 1.1

Added new features:

  • Super speed
  • Freeze time
  • Disable ads

Version 1.2

Improved mod menu appearance and added new features:

  • Stealth mode
  • Teleportation
  • Instant win

Version 1.3

Added new features:

  • Unlock all weapons
  • Unlimited ammo
  • Disable alarms

Version 1.4

Improved performance and added new features:

  • No clip mode
  • Invisibility
  • Always win mini-games

Version 1.5

Added new features:

  • Unlock all outfits
  • Unlimited flashlight battery
  • Disable traps

Version 1.6

Improved stability and added new features:

  • Money multiplier
  • Unlock all vehicles
  • Disable smoke bombs


What is Scary Teacher 3D Mod Menu and how does it work?

The Scary Teacher 3D Mod Menu is a third-party application that modifies the game to provide players with additional features and customizations. This mod menu can be downloaded and installed on Android and iOS devices, allowing players to enjoy the game with more ease and flexibility.

How can I install and use the Scary Teacher 3D Mod Menu?

To install the Scary Teacher 3D Mod Menu, you need to download the APK file onto your Android device, or use a third-party app installer such as Cydia and Panda Helper if you have an iOS device. Once installed, launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions to activate the mod menu.

What types of features are available on the Scary Teacher 3D Mod Menu?

The mod menu offers various features, including unlimited coins and energy, unlocked characters and levels, and various gameplay customizations. You can also use the mod menu to activate additional animations, such as slow-motion or fast-forward, and enable other cheats like invincibility, or super strength.

Is it safe to use Scary Teacher 3D Mod Menu?

As with any third-party application, there is always some risk associated with using the Scary Teacher 3D Mod Menu. It is important to download the mod from a reputable source, and ensure that you have an anti-virus app installed on your device to protect against malware and viruses. Additionally, it is recommended to avoid using the mod menu while playing online, as it could potentially get your account banned.

Is the Scary Teacher 3D Mod Menu free to use?

Yes, the mod menu is completely free to download and use. You can enjoy all its features and customizations without paying anything.

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