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Dominate Terraria with A Mod Menu

A Terraria mod menu is a tool that players can use to add various functions to their gameplay experience outside of the base game. These menus are typically community-made and are used to enhance the game’s mechanics or add new features altogether. Some popular mod menu features include new weapons, crafting recipes, new biomes, and even new game modes. These menus are most widely used on PC versions of the game and require some level of technical expertise from players to install and use them effectively.

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  1. Download the mod menu here.
  2. Install the Mod Menu, it should automatically start after installation.
  3. Start the mod menu and change settings to your liking.
  4. Start Terraria and enjoy!


Version 1.0

– Initial release of the mod menu
– Basic menu options including god mode, infinite health, and teleportation
– Settings menu to customize key bindings and toggle specific options

Version 1.1

– Added new options for increased jump height and movement speed
– Improved teleportation menu with bookmarks and named locations
– Fixed bugs with god mode and infinite health
– Added compatibility with other mods

Version 1.2

– Introduced a new UI design for the menu
– Added new features for item duplication and weapons editing
– Improved performance for faster loading times and responsiveness
– Fixed bugs with teleportation and item duplication

Version 1.3

– Added new options for weather control and time manipulation
– Introduced a new feature for creating custom bosses
– Fixed bugs with god mode and infinite health
– Improved compatibility with other mods

Version 1.4

– Added support for multiplayer game modes
– Added new features for NPC spawning and player customization
– Improved the UI design with new icons and animations
– Fixed bugs with the teleportation menu and custom bosses

Version 1.5

– Added new options for terrain customization and world generation
– Introduced a new feature for creating custom quests
– Improved performance for better stability and fewer crashes
– Fixed bugs with item duplication and weather control


What is the Terraria Mod Menu?

The Terraria Mod Menu is an external mod that can be installed to change the gameplay of the popular sandbox adventure game, Terraria.

How do I install the Terraria Mod Menu?

To install the Terraria Mod Menu, you must first download a mod loader tool such as tModLoader. Once you have installed the mod loader, you can download the mod menu from a third-party website and place it in the mods folder of your Terraria game directory.

What features does the mod menu add to Terraria?

The features of the mod menu can vary depending on the mod you choose to install, but generally, you can expect to have access to new weapons, items, enemies, bosses, gameplay mechanics, and more. Some mod menus also allow for the creation of custom mods and the manipulation of in-game elements like weather and time of day.

Is it safe to use the Terraria Mod Menu?

Using the mod menu can be safe as long as you download it from a trusted source and follow proper installation procedures. However, using mods can have unforeseen consequences such as conflicts with other mods or game crashes. It is recommended to backup your game files and to use mods at your own risk.

Can I play online with the Terraria Mod Menu?

It is possible to play online with the mod menu, but it is important to note that not all servers allow the use of mods. Be sure to check with the server rules before attempting to join while using a mod menu.

How do I remove the Terraria Mod Menu from my game?

To remove the mod menu, simply delete the files from the mods folder of your Terraria game directory. It is recommended to backup your game files before removing any mods.

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