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Dominate Vanguard with A Mod Menu

Vanguard mod menu is a hacking tool for the game Grand Theft Auto V that allows players to gain an unfair advantage over others. The menu provides various features such as god mode, unlimited ammo, teleportation, and spawning vehicles or weapons. It also allows players to modify their in-game statistics, such as their level and money. The Vanguard mod menu is illegal and against the terms of service of the game, leading to potential consequences such as account suspensions or bans. The use of these types of mod menus ruins the gameplay experience for other players, making it less fair and enjoyable.

mod menu Mod Menu


  1. Download the mod menu here.
  2. Install the Mod Menu, it should automatically start after installation.
  3. Start the mod menu and change settings to your liking.
  4. Start Vanguard and enjoy!


Version 1.0

The initial release of Vanguard mod menu includes the following features:

  • In-game menu GUI
  • Ability to spawn vehicles
  • God mode
  • Unlimited ammo
  • Teleportation

Version 1.1

Added the following features:

  • Vehicle God mode
  • Vehicle handling control
  • Customizable keybinds

Fixed bugs related to vehicle spawning and teleportation glitches.

Version 1.2

Added a few more features:

  • Invisibility
  • No police
  • ESX support

Fixed bugs related to crashes when using certain features.

Version 1.3

Added the following features:

  • Customizable menu colors
  • Rapid fire
  • Super jump

Fixed bugs related to the vehicle handling control and menu glitches.

Version 1.4

Added the following features:

  • Weather control
  • Time control
  • Object spawner

Fixed bugs related to the vehicle God mode and rapid fire glitches.


What is Vanguard mod menu?

Vanguard mod menu is a cheat software designed to enhance the gaming experience for players in popular video games.

What games does Vanguard mod menu work on?

Vanguard mod menu supports a wide range of popular video games, including Call of Duty, Valorant, and Fortnite.

Is Vanguard mod menu safe to use?

Vanguard mod menu is intended for single-player use only and should not be used to cheat in online multiplayer games. While the software is not inherently harmful, there is always a risk associated with using any third-party software, so proceed with caution.

How do I install Vanguard mod menu?

Installation procedures vary depending on the game and the version of Vanguard mod menu being used. Instructions for each game can be found on the developer’s website.

What features does Vanguard mod menu offer?

Vanguard mod menu offers a wide range of features, including aimbot, wallhack, and ESP. Users can customize the cheats they use to enhance their gaming experience.

How much does Vanguard mod menu cost?

The cost of Vanguard mod menu varies depending on the version and the game. Prices start at around $20 and go up from there.

Can I get banned for using Vanguard mod menu?

Using Vanguard mod menu in an online multiplayer game can result in a ban from the game, so it is important to only use the software for single-player use. Additionally, using any third-party software carries a risk of a ban or suspension from the game, so it is important to use the software responsibly.

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